Fellowship FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of the NYDems Fall Unity Fellowship?

A: The NY Dems are excited to launch the Unity Fellowship program, a unique opportunity for students and first time campaigners to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the midterm elections and develop their organizing skills. Unity Fellows will work under a NY Dems Coordinated Campaign organizer and learn how to engage communities, build sustainable volunteer structures, and mobilize voters for Democratic success up and down the ballot across the state.


Q: What makes someone a good candidate for Unity Fellow? Do I need to have previous organizing experience to be a Fellow?

A: Nope, no prior organizing or campaign experience required! All you need to be a successful Summer Unity Fellow is a commitment to the values of the New York State Democratic Party and a willingness to work to support Democrats up and down the ballot.


Q: What is the difference between a part time and full time Fall Unity Fellowship?

A: Full time fellows will be expected to work 40+ hours a week while part time Fellows are required to work 20 hours a week to fulfill their duties as fellows.


Q: Is the Fall Unity Fellowship a paid position?

A: Both the part time and full time Unity Fellowship are unpaid positions that are targeted to build the organizing skills of first time campaigners. If you’re a student and your university offers academic credit for internships and Fellowships, the NY Dems are happy to sign off and grant credit for completion of this summer program. Additionally, supporter housing is available for Fellows upon request.


Q: What is supporter housing and how do I know if I need it?

A: Accepted fellows will have the opportunity to stay local and organize the community in which they live or relocate to a district where there is a targeted election this November. In the instance that a Unity Fellow relocates to work in a target district, the NY Dems will arrange for no cost housing in the home of a supporter in the district. Supporter housing hosts are not expected to provide meals or anything other than a room and a bed for the Fellows (but sometimes do!).


Q: What type of training is provided to Fall Unity Fellows?

A: In addition to a full day onboarding, Summer Unity Fellows will be assigned an organizer to work under. The organizer will serve as the mentor and manager of a team of Unity Fellows in a geographic area and will coach and support their team. Summer Unity Fellows will also participate in statewide webinars and conference calls to develop their organizing toolkit.   


Q: Will I get hired by the party or a campaign after the completion of the Fall Unity Fellowship?

A: While we hope that all of our Unity Fellows go on to be professional organizers, we cannot promise employment for anyone who completes the Fellowship. That said, the program is aimed to cultivate the organizing skills that would make any Fellow a competitive applicant for organizing roles.


Q: What are the dates of the Summer Unity Fellowship program?

A: The Summer Unity Fellowship program is an 8 week program that starts with a full day onboarding training on June 18th. The last day of the program is on August 12th, however, Fellows will have the opportunity to extend if they desire.  


Q: What if I am out of town for another obligation during part of the Fellowship? Can I still apply?

A: Yes, you can still apply. The NY Dems ask that Fellows take no more than 10 days away from the program out of the 8 week period.


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